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Finn, Penny, Gigi and Glen left our Irish shores last week to seek forever homes in Germany.
It’s always tough saying goodbye to our dogs whom we’ve built up a bond with, but the reality is that there is an abundance of dogs, particularly collies, in Ireland looking for homes that sadly just don’t exist.
They deserve so much more than the spend months living in a busy shelter.
So, sad as we were to let them go, we knew they would be in good hands on the other side with our wonderful dog-loving friends from IHIN – Irische Hunde in Not e.V. They don’t have a rescue shelter but they had a team of deeply caring fosterers ready and waiting to welcome our rescue dogs. IHIN have worked with us for some time now. They gather as much information about the dogs from us prior to them leaving, so that our dogs can be placed into foster homes suitable for their individual needs. They will spend some time in foster where their confidence grows and then IHIN wjll set about finding them permanent homes where they will be loved and understood. 💙
Many dogs from Ireland have been happily re-homed in Germany and we adore receiving updates on them, years on.
We would like to thank everyone at IHIN for their continued support, compassion towards Irish dogs and their determination to ensure our dogs go on to find the kind of homes they deserve. We know it takes a lot of organising on their part and we’re grateful to all involved from those who are involved with the organising, those who foster and those who open their hearts and homes to offer a once unwanted Irish dog a loving forever home.
Our two organisations and our two countries are forever connected through the love of rescue dogs and the desire to ensure that these precious dogs, many of whom came from tough backgrounds, now have lives filled with love, fun and joy.
To Penny, Gigi, Finn and Glen…the first weeks may be overwhelming and scary but we promise you this is the start of your new wonderful lives.
Many thanks to all the IHIN team,
Team MADRA 💙 🐾
**** From 2015 to the present, 86 MADRA dogs have found homes in Germany…. ****