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Neue Waage für die Madra
geschrieben von: Doris+Gerald (IP gespeichert)
Datum: 09. Januar 2018 15:02

" Happy new year to you and all at the IHIN!!!
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I had some time off over Christmas and the new year and just got back to work yesterday. The scales have been received and working well. Our new Registered Veterinary Nurse starts next week so I have no doubt she will get great use out of the scales in helping determine any problems the dogs in our care might be having.
I have attached a pic of the scales in action :) Thank you so much to all at IHIN for making it possible and for the very generous assistance with Barna Vets. It's greatly appreciated and much needed.

Best regards,

Jonathan Kent"

Gruß Doris

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