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Wir suchen Pflegestellen für die irischen Hunde. 

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The German charity, Irish Dogs in Need (Irische Hunde in Not e.V., IHiN) was founded in 2004 by people who adopted an Irish rescue dog from Uisneach Border Collie Rescue Ireland. The charity functions as a contact point for anyone who has adopted an Irish rescue dog, or is seriously thinking about it.
Members of the charity are located within Germany and neighbouring countries.
Regional, organised meetings and dog walks are a welcome opportunity for new and old members to establish and/or renew friendships between dogs and their owners.
In addition, the charity helps to organise the transfer of dogs between Ireland and Germany, as well as facilitating foster families, once the dogs are in Germany.
Membership fees and donations are used, among other things, to fund veterinary fees (i.e. for spaying and neutering), micro-chipping, EU-passports for the dogs and in some cases, medication.
Unfortunately, uncontrolled breeding still occurs in Ireland, despite the decreasing demand for puppies, which evidently results in all the unwanted and stray dogs.
Most stray dogs (and also many privately owned dogs) thus end up in the local dog pound. If a dog is claimed to be a stray, the local authorities are legally obliged to keep the dog for 5 working days, in order for an owner to have a chance to find their dog. If the dog is an owner/surrender dog then it can be put to sleep immediately as the owner has pretty much consented to this by signing the dog over to the local authority and they have no further influence on what happens to that dog.
Some local authority pounds have their own rehoming schemes which are very basic and they do not vaccinate or do any home checks. In these pounds some of the small cute dogs will be kept longer than the five days as they may generate income by being rehomed. What can happen though, if they do not vaccinate, is that Parvo and Distemper can thrive in these pounds and the dogs do not stand much of a chance to survive in these cases.
However some pounds have a relationship with a local rescue group (like MADRA) who will then take the dogs and pay all the expenses to vaccinate, neuter and rehome them!
In 2008 10,069 dogs were put to sleep within the local authority pounds. This figure has dropped by about 50% in 2010, which reflects the huge amount of work done by all the charitable groups in this area!
There are around 200 to 300 animal rescue centres within Ireland, ranging from small, private rescue homes to the bigger rescue centres (i.e. MADRA), which rescue up to 600 dogs every year! This shows how much demand there is in this area, considering Ireland is a small country with about 4 million inhabitants.
The IHiN would like to raise awareness by informing the public on the situation and fate of Irish dogs. At the heart of their organisation is the wish to provide as many unwanted Irish dogs as possible with a new life.
So please help us!
Do not buy dogs from puppy farms or dubious dog dealers, that want to sell their dogs cheaply. Get informed, either by contacting your local animal rescue centre or via the internet by searching for information from national and international animal rescue organisations.

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